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Staying Well Naturally

Well here we are less than two weeks away from WINTER! The change in season feels sudden and almost harsh as our days here in the Southern Hemisphere, specifically Melbourne become darker, colder and wetter. I’ve noticed a sense of melancholy and anguish amongst us and, the other day one of my clients told me […]

Courage to change

There’s something about autumn that makes my whole body sing. I love it. The colours of autumn are majestic. The deep oranges, reds and blues light up my world. The crisp frosty mornings and the magnificent sunny days’ are simply magic. From a spiritual perspective it’s a time to harvest all we’ve sown in the […]

Why is change so hard?

I’ve been pondering, what I think are some really big questions around personal change. What stops us from following through with change(s)? Why is it so difficult to implement new behaviours when we know they will support us? So, here’s my take on why? The thing is deep, lasting change is never easy. Let’s face […]

What and how to change?

So, what do you want to change? Is there anything you’ve been struggling to get a handle on (physical/emotional health, attitudes, behaviours….)? Sometimes, these questions aren’t so easy to answer. Other times there could be so many things on the agenda that it can feel overwhelming so, you don’t start at all. This is where a […]

Building a Foundation of Health

When we’re busy and stressed it’s helpful to have a healthy framework of non-negotiables to work with. This helps us maintain a sense of control over our life and enables us to keep making supportive diet and lifestyle choices for ourselves. Here are my top five non-negotiables. SLEEP This always comes first for me as it supports me making good […]

From surviving to thriving in winter.

Most of us either love or hate winter. I used to be someone who craved the summer and couldn’t wait for the winter to end but, nowadays it’s one of my favourite times of the year, winter bliss! So, what changed for me? When I began to embrace the present moment I started to enjoy the beauty within […]

Stress and Exhaustion

Our bodies were designed with an innate ability to deal with stressful situations. Way back in the dark ages we needed this response to run away from dangerous animals or to survive long-term drought and famine. Nowadays, our bodies have to deal with information over-load and being available to friends, family (& work) 24/7. For […]

What does healthy digestion look like?

How do you know if your digestion is healthy or not? Looking at how you feel on a day to day basis is one key. Do you feel sluggish and drained of energy or energised and healthy? Another way is to analysis your stools (poo). I know it may seem like a strange thing to […]

It’s time to detox!

Spring is here and for most of us it’s a magical time of the year as the days grow lighter, warmer and longer. But, for other’s it’s overwhelming as it signifies the beginning of hay fever season and all the symptoms that go along with it or a reminder that summer is just around the corner and […]

Living with Anxiety

How many women out there feel as though there’s not enough time in the day to do everything they need to do? From the moment many women wake up, it’s ‘all happening’, with a huge ‘to-do’ list in hand or on their mind everyday is ‘busy’. Mothers and singles both have deadlines to meet and […]