Building a Foundation of Health

When we’re busy and stressed it’s helpful to have a healthy framework of non-negotiables to work with. This helps us maintain a sense of control over our life and enables us to keep making supportive diet and lifestyle choices for ourselves.

Here are my top five non-negotiables.


This always comes first for me as it supports me making good decisions for myself and my body. It keeps me feeling healthy and balanced.

If you’re struggling to get quality sleep, have a read of my sleep blog for helpful hints on how to improve your quality of sleep.

If you’re feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done get up earlier and go to bed earlier. Your productivity will increase five-fold.


Practicing mindfulness throughout the day keeps me centred and grounded and in touch with what I need whether in a crowd of people or on my own.

Here’s a simple mindfulness technique: close your eyes (or look towards the ground), start to notice the air flowing in and out of your nose, then touch base with your thoughts, as well as, how you’re feeling emotionally (asking ‘how am I feeling right now?) and physically (scan your body from your toes to the top of your head) then, simply come back to your breath.


My preference of movement right now is walking outside. This is a gift I give myself often. It ticks that exercise box which supports optimal functioning of my body plus, I’m doing something I love, enjoying the great outdoors. It’s a win-win!

If you feel like you don’t have time to exercise keep in mind that all you need is 10 to 20 minutes a day (short-term). Do your best to keep it as a priority. It will help keep you balanced and support your energy levels.


I take an old-fashioned approach to eating. I aim to eat three wholefood meals a day that have a healthy portion of quality fat, fibre and protein.

If you’re stressed and feeling exhausted keep your meals really simple.

Here are three examples of simple meals that take me 10-15mins to prepare and are ready within 30mins: veggie omelette (eggs with loads of dark green veg), oven baked salmon with sweet potato wedges and rocket salad, stir fried broccoli with fillet steak or chicken (or tofu) and basmati brown rice.


Water is always my first choice. On an average day I drink 1.5-2litres a day but, when it’s hot or I’m exercising or gardening then this will increase to 3-4litres.

To avoid dehydration aim to sip water throughout the day, if it helps set a timer to remind you, to stop and drink. If you struggle with the taste of water add slices of citrus fruit or berries to naturally enhance the flavour of your water.

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