Courage to change

There’s something about autumn that makes my whole body sing.

I love it.

The colours of autumn are majestic. The deep oranges, reds and blues light up my world. The crisp frosty mornings and the magnificent sunny days’ are simply magic.

From a spiritual perspective it’s a time to harvest all we’ve sown in the previous months. It’s a time to gather in and prepare for the often long cold winter.

So, what is it that you’ve sown and what does your harvest have to offer?

The seasons correspond with the grieving process and the cycles of life.

Anyone who knows me knows I love the cycles of life. And my aim is to cultivate these cycles within my own life – to live in accordance with these cycles.

Being like a tree with its roots buried deep in the earth. Branches and leaves will drop off. The tree can even be so called burnt to the ground yet given only a few weeks can start to regrow.

Our aim is to have roots that are deeply rooted in the earth. To build a foundation of health for ourselves that naturally spills over to our families, friends, community, the earth and universe at whole.

We become the change we want to see around us. Gandhi

What changes are you making in your life (here’s that word again, change!).

In MBSM we become aware of our habits of thoughts and feelings (physical & emotional). We have an opportunity to grasp who and what takes up most of our attention and, consequently draining our energy (life force).

By developing a mindfulness practice we give ourselves an opportunity to choose another way. We allow an opportunity to choose to think about those things that support our energy.

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot to my students and clients about not needing to know all the nitty gritty details of an event that occurred. The idea is to connect with the overview of the type of thoughts, and feelings then how that manifested in the body.

What are you allowing to drain your energy? Do you trust yourself enough to slow down and look deeply within yourself? Can you create some space in your life so you’re constantly connected with your body and it’s needs?

Stay present in the moment by connecting to and listening to your body sensations. Eckhart Tolle

As a naturopath I believe the body’s signs and symptoms are the body’s way of communicating with us (our mind). It’s the body’s way of letting us know we’re out of balance.

Learning to listen to what the body is saying requires time and space. We need to change our biochemistry. Most of us are living on adrenaline. We are living in a state of SNS dominance where we don’t have time to listen we only have time to react.

It’s time to train ourselves to operate from a different place. A place of PNS dominance as the body can maintain balance and health.

But, it’s a tricky transition as our body literally feels like it’s going to die and in a sense it is dying – dying to one way of doing to another way of being.

With MBSM we have a tool that enables us to transform our lives so they’re no long frenetic and chaotic. We learn how to transmute the uncomfortable or distressing thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in our body. A tool that enables us to face ourselves just the way we are with complete acceptance and loving-kindness which allows energy to flow.

We build authenticity into our life by all of a sudden being really careful about our choices. From simple things like what we eat and drink to more complex ones such as who we choose to hang out with and what type of work we want to engage in.

In this 2017 energy it’s time to cultivate qualities of self-control, discipline and delayed gratification. All those unpopular words that require an element of work but, not a sadistic type, a loving and kind type where we can rest in the process of change.

The energy of 2017 relates to power, will-power, power to change, power to be the best human we can be, power to…..

As a naturopath and yoga teacher I see so many of my students and clients struggle with the concept of letting go and trusting the new process of the PNS dominance. Trusting what our body (our gut instinct) and our heart (intuition) is telling us. The mind tends to be king but, we need to know that our thoughts are only one aspect of the picture.

It’s exciting and scary all at once 😉

I truly believe that we are in a time of moving into a New Earth (Eckhart Tolle). Who’s ready to take up the challenge and look within themselves for the pot of gold?