Typical Treatment Options

The number one goal is to find the treatment strategy that works for your constitution, personality and lifestyle. As a traditional naturopathic practitioner I incorporate food as medicine, nutritional and herbal supplementation and wellness coaching.

Your treatment plan may include a mixture of the following treatments: diet plan (food as medicine), nutritional and herbal supplements, tonics, teas and creams, along with flower essence therapy and wellness coaching to optimise your healing potential.

Diet: Food as medicine

It all starts with diet. As a ‘base-line’ we will analyse your diet, aiming to remove harmful foods and add ‘healing’ foods which will restore healthy functioning of the body along with increased energy and vitality.

A lot of time is spent on helping you to make these changes in a ‘do-able’ way, rather than expecting radical change that is unsustainable. Think ‘evolution’ not ‘revolution’!

There is so much information ‘out there’ (TV, internet, magazines, non-nutrition practitioners) providing snippets of information that can make nutritional health choices tricky. I have a lot of knowledge and have experimented with most ‘diets’ out there: Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, raw food, food combining, aromatic (Indian/Ayurvedic), liver cleansing, anti-candida, blood group, wheat/dairy free, hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, SLOW food movement … you name it, I know about it! We’ll talk about the style of eating that will be most suited to your constitution, and most sustainable.

Nutritional Supplementation

Supplements are used to treat nutritional deficiencies as well as to repair and restore optimal functioning of the body.

For best results supplementation needs to be prescribed on an individual basis using quality products. Cheaper supplements tend not to be absorbed well by the body and can cause more harm than good.

Western Herbal Medicine

Herb-based treatment is one of the benefits of seeing a naturopath. I generally use herbs for acute and chronic conditions. Whereas, nutritional supplements help restore body tissues to healthy working capacity (restoring glands, brain tissue, nerves, muscles, etc.), herbs are ‘the powerhouses’, they deal with biochemical imbalances and restore normal functioning.

Herbal medicines are powerful yet gentle and safe, with minimal side effects compared to many conventional medicines. They are best used in conjunction with base-line therapy (food as medicine & wellness coaching).

For best results some herbs need to be taken on a regular basis over a period of time (up to three months or more) but others work instantaneously. GAIA NATURAL MEDICINE uses herbs within the ‘Western Herbal Medicine’ range. This may include some herbs from both Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine. Herbal remedies can be prescribed as liquids, teas, supplements or creams or a combination depending on your preference and needs.

Wellness / Life coaching

I know what it’s like to work long hours in corporate and stressful environments. I also know what it’s like to juggle the role of mother, spouse, employee and householder. Maintaining a ‘workable’ wellness plan can be done, it’s all about getting the right balance for you, so that your treatment plan gives you time and energy rather than taking it from you.

Wellness coaching looks at lifestyle factors that may be impacting on your health and vitality, such as sleep and relaxation patterns along with exercise habits and social choices. We’ll also look into your thought processes and emotions – and how they may be impacting on your health.

Lifestyle coaching, like diet, is ongoing and the length of time spent per session will depend on what’s happening in your life. (For more information on Gaia’s Lifestyle classes, check out the yoga and meditation page.)

Flower essence therapy

Flower essence therapy is a form of energy medicine that works with your own unique life situation. It is a beautiful, gentle and effective medicine that specifically works by releasing emotional blockages and optimising your potential in every aspect of your life.

Different combinations can be used to treat various health conditions from women’s health (PMS, infertility & menopause) to detoxification and gut issues, stress, learning difficulties and more.

GAIA NATURAL MEDICINE works with Australian Bush Flower Essences.

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