I came to Belinda early in 2012 with chronic IBS, having seen several other medical practitioners. I was unwell on a daily basis and very unhappy as a result. The first thing that struck me about Belinda was her enthusiasm for getting me well. Her mood was infectious and I started feeling better as a consequence. We talked through my symptoms thoroughly and she prescribed me a herbal remedy that had an immediate beneficial effect. She also recommended some changes to my diet.

I saw Belinda for most of 2012. By the time we parted ways I was well again. I had made some significant changes to my diet and lifestyle, all recommended by her, and I was feeling confident about being able to manage my own health. If I have health problems in the future, she is the person I will go to first.


I was working full time, studying and had two young children under the age of two. I was stressed, sick and had no energy at all! It was because of my dwindling energy levels and constantly feeling under the weather, that I sought help from Belinda.

My situation is a little out of the ordinary having had my stomach removed because of gastric cancer, but Belinda was able to give me the information I needed and some great recipe ideas as well.

But, it wasn’t just fixing up my nutrition that made all the difference, the ideas on how to deal with my stresses and the support and understanding that Belinda gave me during this time was just as important for me, to get me through.

Belinda helped me go from a stressed out mess with absolutely no energy to a totally new person, feeling great with energy to burn.


Belinda is a wonderful holistic practitioner, with utmost professionalism. Belinda is thorough and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your health.

It is inspiring to work with Belinda as beyond the knowledge and wisdom she shares, she is personable, warm, abundantly caring and focused on her approach to your health and well-being.

Even after a few sessions with Belinda my digestion improved and I now have increased energy, motivation, clarity of thoughts and a greater awareness of how my lifestyle and food choices impact on my health. My family is also benefiting from the changes.”


I have been a chronic sufferer of sinus and respiratory illness, since I was a child. At the beginning of 2014 I had, had enough. I was unwell and miserable. I would ordinarily be heading to the GP every 5-6 weeks. I haven’t been in 9 months! Stepping into Belinda’s clinic has changed my life. Through her naturopathy, I have been able to be free from sinus, respiratory troubles and general illness. My general health and wellbeing has sky rocketed. Through yoga, I have learnt balance and  inner peace. I apply everything I have learnt from Belinda through naturopathy and yoga in my daily life and I am still learning. I have a busy, sometimes crazy life, as a mother of three boys, but I am happier and stronger than I have been. I am calmer and more accepting of the world around me. I cannot thank Belinda enough for helping me feel like I have my life back.


Belinda’s class is a lovely mix of the physical and deeply relaxing aspects of yoga. Belinda is such a lovely uplifting person and the class always feels like a sanctuary. Any stressful energy flees my body within five minutes of arriving and I leave with a smile on my face. Another reason for why I love the class is because I always seem to learn something new about yoga every week. Suddenly a pose that was difficult for years becomes magically easier.”

SusieRingwood North

How can I express gratitude for my beautiful yoga practice with you Belinda. The change in my body, mind and energy is completely different. It is a gift of self love I give to myself every week.

MichelleMount Evelyn