From surviving to thriving in winter.

Most of us either love or hate winter.

I used to be someone who craved the summer and couldn’t wait for the winter to end but, nowadays it’s one of my favourite times of the year, winter bliss!

So, what changed for me?

When I began to embrace the present moment I started to enjoy the beauty within every season.

Now instead of filling my schedule with work and activities, I plan for winter to be a time of less activity and more rest, as well as, a time to eat more warm nourishing foods and drinks.

It’s also a perfect time for me to study, reflect, plan and write.

How do you feel about winter?

Why the winter blues?

If you’re feeling tired, wired, run-down, sad, and ‘over the winter’ then you’re most likely not listening to your body and the call of nature to slow-down and take some extra time for you.

When we don’t listen to what our body needs it triggers a stress response which over time leads to a state of exhaustion.

When our body is exhausted our immune system becomes depleted so, it’s tricky for us to fight off colds or other respiratory conditions or our immunity becomes hyper-reactive so we’re more prone to allergies.

This exhaustive state also affects our hormones so we’ll tend to crave sweet or salty foods, feel sad, and lack the motivation to get up and go so, we end up dragging ourselves around with ‘the winter blues’.

How can I experience winter bliss?

If you’re feeling ‘tired’ then get more sleep.

  • Before midnight sleep is the most refreshing as it works with your body’s natural sleep/wake hormones (melatonin & serotonin).
  • While sleeping-in generally adds to tiredness and will also disrupt the quality of your sleep long term.

Feeling ‘wired’ then learn to calm down your nervous system and promote that deep sense of inner calm.

  • Practice restorative yoga for deep relaxation
  • Meditation to quiet your mind
  • Turn off your devices and have some quality you time

Feeling ‘chilly’ then here are some simple ways to keep warm all winter long.

  • Eat warm (slow cooked) spicy foods and drinks
  • Keep moving your body – gardening, walking, running
  • Have a hot bath
  • Keep your ears and neck warm by wearing a hat and scarf

Feeling ‘run-down’ or managing a cold then include  these daily.

  • Eat oranges and lemons
  • Enjoy homemade Chicken & Miso broth
  • Eat loads of fresh and colourful veggies
  • Use garlic, ginger, chilli, turmeric in cooking
  • Cleanse your nasal passages using a Neti Pot

Drinking Gaia Natural Medicine’s Immune Rescue or Inner Harmony herbal tea is also a wonderful way to stay healthy and calm throughout the winter months.

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